Lindsey Carl Mysse

Frontend Developer

About Me

I am a multi-Webby winning Frontend Web Application Engineer interested in smart data, data visualization and graphesis. I am passionate about writing beautiful code that creates value for my clients.

I am currently available for contract or full time remote work. References available on request. Please Email me for more information.

Frameworks and languages I like:

What I have done:


AtomRain — Contractor — Front-End Application Engineer

  • Designed / implemented data visualizations for graph databases in D3.js
  • Enterprise web applications in React.js
  • Wrote Neo4j Cypher queries
  • Used Postman, Webpack, Node.js and Docker
  • Project tracking and planning

MediaHound — Web Application Engineer

  • Programmed with Angular.js, React.js, Meteor.js, D3.js, Node.js
  • Helped invent, design and develop multiple web products like, and
  • Wrote Neo4j Cypher queries
  • User Testing planning and management
  • Junior developer on-boarding and training

Talkoot Studio — CEO/Artist

  • Design , fabrication and installation of architectural elements, sculptures and technology-art
  • Taught workshops, led seminars and spoke about micro manufacturing, inflatable architecture and modern prototyping
  • Built models of satelites for JPL, inflatable drink stations, projection mapped rooms and installation-art pieces
  • Programmed with C++, Python, Ruby, OpenFrameworks, MaxMSP and Processing
  • Managed employees, interns and sub-contractors
  • Project bidding, pitching and management

Turing Studios – Web Developer

  • Design and development with Ruby on Rails, Haml, Sass and Coffeescript
  • Adhered to HTML5, CSS3 and Internal Company standards
  • Design, implementation of UX, Ads and animations

Materials and Application – Volunteer

  • Created site plans, rendering and signage
  • Made things with laser cutters, 3d printers, wood shop and metal shop
  • Developed custom physical computing systems using Arduinos
  • Researched new materials and methods for use in architectural structures.
  • Robot part machining, quality control, troubleshooting and installation

Where I went to school:

University of Montana Professional School of Journalism Missoula, MT
BA, Journalism with a print emphasis
Deans list / Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.